The Game

In Classic Quest, each player will control one of the Heroes adventuring into the dungeon. The starter set, that will be titled “The Dungeon Crawler”, will include 7 different Heroes: Barbarian, Wizard, Elven archeress, Dwarf warrior, Rogue, Priest, and a very nice Halfling.

Classic Quest is a cooperative game where a group of Heroes faces a fearsome dungeon randomly generated. It is designed so that novice players can get started with this game, but it develops a progressive difficulty that is challenging even for the most experienced ones. .

Cooperation between players will always be key to succeed. 

El The dungeon map will be generated randomly, changing in every game, which favors replayability. The game will have an important number of furniture elements that will help you to dive into the adventur.

Dungeon monsters will play automatically according to a protocol, easy to apply and consistent. Enemies are designed to transport us to the classic adventure that we could enjoy in our favorite fantasy novels or  the best role-playing games. The Dungeon Crawler will include: Rats, various kinds of Goblins, Dark Warriors with different weapons, Gargoyles, Minotaur, and the evil Dungeon Master.

The exploration and combat mechanics are developed in a fluid and funny way. Our goal is that you will want to play Classic Quest over and over. No forgotten games on dusty shelves!

And when you’re not playing, paint your miniatures! 

The enjoyment of Classic Quest is not limited to the game itself. All these elements, furniture, and miniatures are designed to be painted, since this way the experience takes on an ideally immersive dimension. 

All the models are richly detailed and, since the miniatures are made of metal, they will last with an added value of quality.

Future expansions: Classic Quest is born with a living game spirit, within an evolution and growth perspective. Game rules are carefully designed to help the introduction of new adventures in future supplements. The plan includes the expansions that will always contain 1 new hero, along with the enemies and elements necessary to move our adventure to a given setting, that is, in a defined theme.

For example, “The Whispering Crypt”, currently in development as the first expansion, will make us face all kinds of undead through the entrails of mysterious catacombs and will include, as a new hero option, an intrepid Paladin.