The Project

Classic Quest is the dungeon crawler you always wanted. You will have the best of old school games with the best quality that can be offered today. Its miniatures, made in metal, are its main attraction because the key in this project is that the creation process, from the design of all elements to the manufacture of the miniatures, is set by the Kraken Released team itself, responsible for the Tercios Miniatures brand.

Ilustraciones de Guille Cabrera Brito

Also, all external components as dice, boards, cards, etc., are entrusted to local printers with whom we keep close collaboration. There are no foreign orders without control or experiments at the expense of excited backers. We already know how it is done, and we do it well.

Unlike the plenty of projects that thrive in recent times, this one is obviously not intended as an innovation. With Classic Quest we want to recall the essence of dungeon games of old, that nostalgic sensation of classic adventure that we all miss.